All about me

Hello my name is mere I am 12 years old.My school is Glen Taylor and my teacher is Mrs Tupou Founa. My family name is Nelio and my culture is Cook island. My favourite subject is Art and Writing. My hobby is basketball and my interests are my family and some youtubers .

My zoo visit

 I went to the zoo and guess what I see…

1 Red panda playing a flute looking very cute as all the phones popped out it started getting shy.


As a snake came upon. Started playing with a guitar very loudly making people scream away like cats seeing a cucumber.

That was summer

That was Summer Writing.

Have you ever touched summer? Sure you have! Remember the time where you would grab hot meat straight from the BBQ.

That was summer.

Have you ever tasted summer, Sure you have! Remember the time where you would go to the beach and when you set foot in the ocean, You would jump in and when you did. You took a mouth full of sea water.

That was summer.

Have you ever seen summer? Sure you have! Remember that time where you would see birds flying around and cars driving loudly outside the window first thing in the morning.

That was summer.

Have you ever smelled summer? Sure you remember that time, Where you would smell fresh cut grass from yesterday and the bacon and eggs on the frying pan early in the morning?

That was summer 

Have you ever heard of summer? Sure you have remember the time where you would rush to go church, Even though it started 2 hours later. But you knew your parents were early birds.

That was summer ☺️




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